Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Slaw

My maternal grandmother used to have a big fish fry at least once a summer, complete with homemade slaw, baked beans, sliced homegrown tomatoes, deviled eggs, sweet tea, banana pudding and crappie fried light as air. We'd sit outside on weathered, barn-red picnic tables, chase each other around the yard with sparklers and catch lightning bugs after dinner. It was one of those memorable experiences you don't really think about until you're older, and hope to someday recreate.

I've never been a good fish-fryer, but could manage the rest well enough, save the homemade coleslaw. One day, a hankering for my MeMe's coleslaw snuck up on me, and I called her for the recipe - thinking all this time that making homemade slaw was a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. Pshaw! With only 4 ingredients, her peppery vinegar-based slaw is simply awesome with pulled pork barbecue, fried fish, burgers, or country vegetables. It takes less than 5 minutes to put together, unless you shred your own cabbage, and will instantly transport you to a back yard glittering with lightning bugs, real metal sparklers and the 4th of July.

1 head cabbage, finely shredded
2 small or 1 large bag pre-shredded angelhair coleslaw mix
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup white vinegar
dash of salt
pepper to taste

Put the coleslaw greens in a deep bowl. Measure out the vinegar in a measuring cup, add the sugar, and mix with a fork until slurry. Pour vinegar/sugar mixture over the coleslaw, add a little salt, and pepper to taste. I usually use at least 1T. of pepper but keep tasting to see how much works for you. Mix it all up, set it in the fridge overnight, and mix again about an hour before serving. Make sure to use a slotted spoon! Should serve 6, but don't count on it.

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Mary said...

Sometimes the simplest of recipes is the best. This type of slaw is wonderful with fried "anything" because it helps to cut the grease. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us. Have a great day, Laura.

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

I am not a big coleslaw or cabbage eater..but this sounds really good! Happy Foodie Friday! Have a great weekend ~ Susan

Joyce said...

This reminds me of the recipe that they say gets better as it sits for a few days. My SIL loves this recipe.

imjacobsmom said...

I make the same recipe, but sometimes I add a bit of sliced table onions. Your description of your family fish fries was like describing ours to a T. What a fun memory. Thanks. Robyn

Gollum said...

This is the same slaw my mother makes, and it is lipsmacking delicious! I loved reading about your summers--that's what food is all about, savoring memories.
XX 00

Pinky said...

This is very close to the slaw I make but I have never measured! Just keep adding stuff (especially the sugar) til I like it:):) I wioll write this down now so I ahve some measurements!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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